FcUK Background History

It all began on one wet and windy night in July 1999!!(Some where round then, a lot of beers and nights have gone by since 99!!), where a groups of online gamers deciding to create a Rouge Spear Gaming Clan. This was when Fearless Clan was born which then changed into Fearless Clan United Kingdom shortly after. Starting with 5 People they started to play on that well known Gaming Network Mplayer Where we meet many new friends, and where the Clan grew a few more.

We moved on to RS Expansion packs Urban Operations and Black Thorn. But when things where getting really good. Mplayer disappeared and changed into something Green and horrible and we lost a lot of a friends with it. But a lot of us survived and tamed the Green Monster Known as Gamespy and cracked on with Killing.

Then came fall of 2001 when another little Tom Clancy Beauty Came out Ghost Recon. Unfortunately FcUK's favourite Weapon was the OICW and we were well know for it. But M and myself were the worse for using it. Embassy map comes to mind. M on other Team near Embassy opposite Hotel while I was near Underground Car park. Ready Steady Go LEG IT. Both get near the end of each road and just fire 6 lots 6 grenades at each other, and most times we'd kill each other and others. But some times end up killing no one. And a good pointer never try and kill someone with one close range!! :/ During this period we picked up some more clan members and friends.

While we moved on to Both Expansion Packs for GR. Desert Siege and Island Thunder as well as Sum of all fears game (Not as good but worth a crack) we adapted ourselves to Battlefield 1942. That was and still is class killing, I never did get the hang of Flying. I'll stick to me tanks. Best memory of BF1942 was 9 of us in jeeps doing racing round Putang Beach, ramming each other.

Bouncing backwards and forwards from BF1942 and GR we came across another Top Tom Clancy Game (A bit Buggy) Raven Shield. I few weren't happy by the bugs etc, but we cracked on and overcame them. Then we decided on getting our own Game Server, which we organised And we have not looked back since. And due to this Our Clan has grown and grown in strength and numbers to something much bigger and greater than I would never have dreamed of. With all individuals being top Lads and lass's with such a wide stream of person alities it makes it so Enjoyable and something I feel proud to be part of.

Not always best to end on a Sad note, But our thoughts are and always will go out to Alex's Family and Friends and to Her and may she be loved in Heaven as much as she was here on Earth. I hired this Young lady for her Spark and firing Temperament and pure Class on the Killing Fields. And she never let me down. Many A early morning spent Killing with F. You Will be Missed Flower.

Chapter 2 ( August 2006 )

Well I haven't updated this for a few years now so thought I would do today !!.  Well RvS for the clan is still going but unfortunately we lost a good handful of people due to lack of playing and getting bored of RvS. BF2 Came along but didn't take off for us as a clan in such a big way as we were hoping for, but a few Clan members do play it still and prefer it over RvS.

A lot of other games have come along like The Regiment & Lockdown but none of them really took off for us so we have been mixing between RvS and BF2 since last year. 

On a positive note We have had a few guys join us over the last year as well. Pain has joined us as FcUK_V, Slayer as FcUK_G and due to the sad closure of SASUK Rails / Pete has joined as FcUK_Y as well as Gut8 / Gary as FcUK_D.

GRAW came out a few months ago now and a few of us are playing the game but unfortunately it hasn't taken off as we would of liked too, this is mainly due to a lot of peoples machine not supporting the game and UBI not sorting out the Dedicated Server files yet !!! Nothing new there then !!

RS5 AKA Las Vegas is due out sometime Q4 06 / Q1 07 and we hope this will be as good RvS but we will see. Also BF2142 is out later this year looks a bit Haloish tho !! but you never know it could be a good game !!.

A year or so ago now FcUK_A built a Dual Xeon machine for the clan and this is still running sweet just running a bit empty at the moment due to lack of games to play !! it has RvS Servers and BF2 Server up still but a tad empty most of the time !! Ooo well the Clan has been going for 7 years now so can't be busy all the time !!.

It is also coming up to 3 years now since we lost a our sweetness Alex AKA FcUK_F the love is still there and strong and we hope she is still having a good time up there ;). We still will never replace the letter F as a mark of respect for Her.

That's about all for now really, the Clan is still strong even if a lot of players don't play ever week, but we are mostly Old boys and been with the clan for a long time so fit it all in when we can.

If anything really changes soon I will update this page.

Chapter 3 ( January 2008 )

Well the time is here again to update this little history page of ours !

Since August 2006 it's been a tad quite on the FPS front, BF2142 was shite R6LV was shite so on this a bunch of the FcUK lads went over to WoW and have been there ever since !! Myself  I didn't do a lot of gaming and played RvS now and then.

2007 Flew by and we waited in anticipation for Crysis and Call Of Duty 4 in Q4 2007 all that can be said for Crysis is you needed a big machine to run it and then the MP side of it was rubbish, but luckily for us Call Of Duty 4 turned out to be a little jem :)

So as of November 2007 we have been playing Call Of Duty 4 well most of us have but some Clan Members are still trapped in WoW, bloody Freaks !!, Call Of Duty 4 is a fast passed game and maybe a tad quick for some of us ! but in this climate of gaming the Pc gamers don't get a good look in on games nower days it's all console because that's where the money is,

So personally I think this game will need to last us for a good few years now hoping on some good mods and maps which should come soon because IW brought out the Mod Tools for the game last week ;). UBI UBI FcUKed the PC gamers and started doing crap Console Ports !. and the Tom Clancy games are no longer for us because

So where do we stand Members wise as of today, Well we have said good bye to the following people just purely down to not playing online anymore.

Founders FcUK_X and FcUK_M have been removed off the roster due to not being around anymore as well as the following people

Another FcUK_Q Julian, FcUK_S Matt and another FcUK_V Cully who was the old Y !

FcUK will never be a RPG Clan so we may find out we'll loose a few more members over the coming year!

Just so people can see where we stand as of today the 22nd January 2008 (My Birthday :) ! ) on the Members side of things please see below

A - Call Of Duty 4
B - WoW
C - Hopefully coming back to us after a year or so away
D - Call Of Duty 4
E - Call Of Duty 4
F - God Bless Her RIP
G - Call Of Duty 4
H - WoW
I - Call Of Duty 4, I is Barmy from SAS-BX he joined us in Nov 07
J - Call Of Duty 4
K - WoW and Some Call Of Duty 4
L - Call Of Duty 4 Maybe ! L is Cosmo from U-F and SAS-UK
M - Free Letter
N - no where to be seen !
O - Call Of Duty 4
P - Call Of Duty 4
Q - Free Letter
R - Call Of Duty 4
S - Free Letter
T - WoW
U - Call Of Duty 4
V - Free Letter
W - WoW
X - Free Letter
Y - Call Of Duty 4
Z - Call Of Duty 4, The New Z is Y's older Brother but AWOL at the moment, Also to add to this and due to WoW arguments !!
Brett the old Z left us last year after many years of being with with us and now just plays WoW with his own Guild.

 The times have been hard on us over the years but we will carry on and hopefully celebrate our 10th Anniversary next year of being a FPS Gaming Clan.

This page will be updated whenever anything major changes in the Clan.

Chapter 4 (April 2010)


Where did we get too before ! Oo yes somewhere in 2008


2 new Joiners, Q aka BoYDIE and X aka KoPiTee who were both from the old BAD Clan (God old days of RS and RvS )

All still pretty quite, Mixing between COD4 and COD5 Mainly Zombie CooP !

The WoW guys were still out there somewhere but in

2009 we kicked The following Clan members due to inactivity !

FcUK_B, FcUK_C, FcUK_R, FcUK_T and FcUK_W 

Also T wont be playing anything for about 4 years saying he is locked up !!


So 2009 flied by with anticipation of some good games coming out but unfortunately most of us were let down by Operation Flashpoint 2 and Modern Warfare 2 mainly because they fooked us on Dedicated server files so on this 90% of us cancelled our preorders and got back to COD4 and COD5 Zombie killing !!

We gave up our old server and A bought another new uptodate HP Dual Xeon machine with even more Cache and Memory to keep us going for years to come and now hosted by Rapidswitch.


When Bad Company 2 was announced to be coming out soon most of us peordered the game and hoped we wouldnt be let down again by the console money grabbing game companies !.


We waited for Feb 2010 to come to try the Beta out and then launched date 5th March

Could we get on and play MP could we fook ! 1st week was abysmal trying to get on and play MP.


Over the last month with the server patches and client patches the game is coming together and has brought absent clan members back to game like P, H, N and B who has rejoined the clan again !! and glad to say this is the most gaming we have done for a long time now and lets hope it stays that way for months to come.


There are a few more games due out this year like Medal of Honour 2010 which just looks like Modern Warfare 2 ! So will be good to see how that pans out and plus another Ghost Recon game ! but not to sure about that one yet !!


Unfortunately with modern times and Console gaming and the money this makes for gaming companies. Pc gaming and gamers are a dieing breed so hopefully well keep strong as a clan and be around for some time still


Clan Members as of right now


A - Bad Company 2

B - Bad Company 2
D - Bad Company 2
E - Bad Company 2
G - Bad Company 2
H - Bad Company 2
I - Bad Company 2
J - Bad Company 2

K - WoW and Some Bad Company 2 !!
L - Bad Company 2 now and again !!
N - Bad Company 2
O - Bad Company 2
P - Bad Company 2
Q - Bad Company 2
U - Bad Company 2
X - Bad Company 2
Y - Bad Company 2

Z - Bad Company 2

 That's all for now, GG's to All.

This page will be updated whenever anything major changes in the clan.